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Wild Sweet

Like the moon I wax and wane, all within a moment. This year I am going to try to stay more in the Wild Sweet, like the song by Starling Arrow, humming my way through the days, the seasons, in the flow as the saying goes. “…sing without reason and emerge with widened wings,” as I explore all that this human experience can imagine.


We may be an experiment as some suggest, much like white mice in a maze of twist & turns only to find sustenance. If that be the case, couldn’t we seek our substance, anyway? Find delight in the scenery, the sounds and the scents of nature as well as in a mug full of coffee or the steam from a steeping cup of Moroccan mint tea? How about fresh bread or bacon baking in the oven, onions and garlic sautéing in butter, smelling a cantaloupe or a peach in order to pick the ripest?


Just for today, let’s pretend that we’ve never been here before, take in the scent of each new item as if it’s the first encounter. Feel the details, the texture allowing it to send new signals to your fingers and brain. Let’s pause to check in with the heart, go ahead ask it if there is a message from the article you are embracing~

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