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Come to Our Senses

It is time to come to our senses…meaning the power struggle mankind has played out forever has lost its meaning, gone is the gleaming that hid underneath those lovely smiles and even the flicker of any sign of intelligence we were taught to hide. In half a century we have moved beyond the traditional norms that our parents believed in.


At first glance one might think that women had to sell their souls in order to become powerful or at least their own person (you know, landowners with credit scores & seats on the board) with our own name. At first, ladies thought that in order to fit into this man’s world we literally needed to put on a pair of pants (figuratively, physically and metaphorically). Although the messages remained the same: Calm down, don’t raise your voice, you’re being too dramatic and for Heaven’s sake, sit down.


No one in their right mind would say that this has been an easy journey, that not only women had to take, but it left men in the wake, sometimes wondering what the hell happened. Somewhere along the way women began to realize that thinking like a man would continue to create the same problems our world faced. That logic was not so logical after all and we could keep our sixth sense intact offering a better view from above. Getting in touch with our spiritual side was really easy; if, we could refrain from holding our breath too long. Kinda like a good song that could whirl us back in time, to when we had wings~

PS: the photo above is from page 13 on Sarah Ban Breathnach's fabulous book Romancing The Ordinary~A Year of Simple Splendor.

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