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Good Morning

The sun is shinning, a few birds are singing, one is chirping, off in the distance a hawk screams kee-eeeee-arr that creates a silence all around. Have you ever looked up ‘Animal Totems’ to see what their presence means when they seem to make an appearance bringing you a sign? It can be fascinating, especially considering all animals, birds and even reptiles are from the angelic realm. (Don’t ask how I know this but rest assured, I’m not making this up;-)

I’m just setting the stage to explain the rude awakening that just hit me. But first let me tell you I have a narrator in my head that is constantly screaming in my ear or maybe it’s in my brain? Anyway, it just told me in no uncertain terms that these blogs are not what are considered writing out “morning pages,” otherwise we would be here all day.

These ramblings are from my heart, because long ago, before I chose to be embodied, my mission was to do “heart work” and only now am I discovering the full extent of what that intent means. Yet, don’t think for one minute, though, that my mind is more than willing to interrupt and at times, do battle.

If you would like to explore more about Heart Coherence click here!

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