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It is January 3rd already?

Does it seem that this year is flying by? Can we just slow down, for a week, a day, a moment? Breathe~deep breath…ah, there it is, that sweet space where the world comes into focus. Our lives make some sense when we pause to realize that we are just making it up as we go.


By now we’ve already let ourselves down, those New Year resolutions, left by the wayside sometime yesterday, as we scrambled to make ends meet, cook dinner, catch up with all the things left undone last year. Thank goodness I gave up ‘Resolutions’ years ago and especially 3 or 4 years back when I read a meme that had a bunch of “May you’s” and at the end it said, “Surprise yourself.” Well, that was a challenge I gladly accepted only quickly to figure out that I really didn’t know myself very well. Perhaps I’ve really only begun, but I’ll say this: You want to have some fun? Wake up in the morning and say, “Ok, it’s on…” (Over these next 360-something days I might share a few of the really wild experiences, the ones that make my hair rise at the nape of neck, as I shake my head, in disbelief, repeating, “I really don’t know myself at all.”)


Rarely do I write in first person such as “I went to the store today” or “I had a strange sensation when I walked under that tree.” It’s generally not about me, it is about humanity. What am I experiencing that others may find comforting or resonate within themselves? Basically, it comes down to: What does it mean to be Human? (For those who overthink everything, we ask, is that a human ‘Doing’ or Human “BEING?”)


How do you begin your day? Do you contemplate it in any way or anticipate the events, instead of picturing the same ole thing? Imagine for a minute, you want each moment to bring happiness, joy, make a list (not of things to do but) of what will bring you bliss. (Ok, I hear many who’ll say, don’t have a pen! But alas, you’ve got your phone with a Note App that you can tell what to write down in bullets, add a picture, in bold or underline for quick access and my favorite is italic because it’s softer, like a breath)


Listen to your inner thoughts, sort them out on the page. Make a decision that those things you wouldn’t shout out to an old friend don’t need to be repeated to yourself, even if it’s a whisper.

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