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New Happy Year (You)


When a dear friend mentioned several months ago that I should start a blog, my response was to send her that first and only one I had posted here, years ago about a change. Why would I want to pour out my heart so that not a soul would read and if they did, not agree or even hear me? It has been nagging at me all this time, not constantly, nor consistently. Just a lingering reminder, like a thought I wanted to explore and hear how others might conceive those concepts that I’m unable to process or just finding ways for us to connect (online no less) and share our stories about what works or doesn’t, as we journey down the road to a more fulfilling life.


In The Artist Way, Julia Cameron states: “In order to retrieve your creativity, you need to find it. I ask you to do this by an apparently pointless process I call the morning pages.” Now, for those who read/did this course, you are smiling because when you sat down with pen in hand, your life took on new meaning. Her teachings changed many lives, including mine and a few of my best friends, so the other day I pulled the book from the shelf and thumbed threw it to see what messages I needed in order to finish out this past year of 2023 of learning to love me. Then I saw a post on Facebook from a favorite musician writing about this course and the profound spiritual path to higher creativity had on others. As the wheels of ‘Divine Signs’ begin spinning in my mind, stirring my heart, I knew I had to take on this project of writing out my morning pages here in a BLOG😉AND then I get an email from Julia this morning inviting me to pre-order her new book Living The Artist’s Way, along with an offer to receive daily creative inspiration. (Click on the title if you want to explore)


So, 2024 we’re off and running to find more…

©      Joy

©      Love

©      Our 4-year-old inner child

©      That Artist hiding beneath our skin

©      NDEs or even In-the-Body realizations

©      The ‘Signs’ from our Higher Self

©      Sacred Geometry

©      Quantum Physics

©      Our belief system

©      How ‘Issues’ show up in our tissues

©      What are we doing here?

©      How does the mind function?

©      The music that makes our hearts sing, toes twinkle & shake a tailfeather

©      All the things that bring bliss

Peace to all and may my Cosmic Clan or ‘Soul Tribe’ find their way~

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