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Cynthia A Hart

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While Grandmother is her favorite name and pastime; writing is her true creative passion. As a curious Ontologist she has discovered that words have two meanings taking us to the edge of the physical realm, into spiritual spheres somewhere between Heaven and earth.

She discovered that traveling in her younger years, mostly made her homesick and that seeking to understand our inner aspects were more of an adventure than any foreign land. Returning from North Africa and the left coast several times always left an enormous impact that would have taken many lifetimes otherwise to transform this Southern Belle into a wildly wise, nature loving, impulsive individual who was born on a mission.

At moments she can almost remember before time and matter mattered on this journey of expressing the unexplained.

Currently she lives with Jade & Rumi in a cabin in the woods on Spring Hill, just north of Atlanta where she continues to push literary boundaries.

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Choices: The Awakening~

August 4, 2021

This book is about ordinary people leading ordinary lives, until they begin to question the synchronicities while planning their 20-year high school reunion. Each new experience leaves a deeper spiritual awakening, going beyond their conditioning and religious boundaries. Simultaneously, they all realize that these events are really happening and for a reason. A mission chosen by them and determined before birth.

For more information or to purchase the book visit: Choices: The Awakening~

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

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